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real-world impact

KlimaDAO addresses the coordination failure that has held back the global scale-up of climate finance.


tonnes of digital carbon credits available via KlimaDAO

Enough to offset:

  • The annual emissions of a small country

  • 16.3M London to New York flights

  • 887M car rides for 10km each ride

Our planet’s coordination layer

KlimaDAO provides public goods and common-pool resources to drive an equitable, sustainable, and blockchain-enabled economy.

The Digital Carbon Market (DCM)

Incubated by KlimaDAO the DCM enables transparent and efficient climate markets of the future – with over $4 billion traded to date.

A neutral, trusted global protocol

Governed by the $KLIMA token KlimaDAO's infrastructure is the neutral base layer for environmental commodities markets of the future.

Public and open-source

KlimaDAO’s treasury, and its open-source software, are common resources available to builders and carbon project developers.

the market, for the planet

Join over 100,000 participants in our ecosystem: use the $KLIMA token to steward KlimaDAO’s resources, and grow the Digital Carbon Market.

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Govern and engage

Shape KlimaDAO by voting with $KLIMA and contributing to our Forum

Buy, sell,
and retire

via Carbonmark,
the universal carbon marketplace

with Klima

Use our tools to add carbon to any software application

Explore the DCM

See how blockchain is transforming the Voluntary Carbon Market

Learn more

Level up your knowledge with our resources

Real world assets driving real world impact

Polygon chose KlimaDAO to offset their blockchain network



Last carbon retired



Total carbon retired

Alleviating poverty with improved cookstoves for Rohingya refugees
in Bangladesh

Refugee Cookstove Bangladesh.jpeg

How KlimaDAO is positioned to seize a 10+ trillion dollar opportunity

RWAs driving real-world impact.png

is the entry point to the Digital Carbon Market

Every $KLIMA token is backed by at least one carbon tonne in the KlimaDAO treasury.

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