Get started with Klima Infinity: Become climate positive in just four steps

Get started with Klima Infinity: Become climate positive in just four steps

Published Mon Mar 07 2022

The launch of Klima Infinity has made it easy for organizations of all sizes to store, retire, and hold custody over tokenized carbon credits. Klima Infinity leverages web3 to achieve a leap forward in user experience; becoming climate positive is now just a four-step process that anyone can follow.

Today we launch the Klima Infinity User Guide. The Guide sets out, in clear and accessible terms, the four steps to become a climate positive organization.

What ‘climate positive’ means

While climate change is widely recognized as the number one issue of our generation, the IPCC estimates that we are on track to exhaust our entire carbon budget by the year 2030. This would preclude us from keeping global warming within the limits needed to avert catastrophic scenarios.

When an organization commits to achieving carbon neutrality, it means to:

  • Measure and reduce emissions to the extent possible; and
  • Compensate for any other emissions by retiring carbon credits (offsetting)

This is a step in the right direction. However, given our current path to overshooting the carbon budget, more must be done.

Becoming climate positive with Klima Infinity means to go over and above carbon neutrality. When an organization commits to achieving carbon positivity, it means to:

  • Measure and reduce emissions to the extent possible;
  • Compensate for one year’s emissions by retiring carbon credits (offsetting), and compensate for additional, future emissions (e.g. projected 1–2 years into the future) by buying and staking KLIMA;
  • Commit to continue offsetting each consecutive year through Klima Infinity;
  • Publicly demonstrate climate positive action by prominently displaying carbon offsetting activity; and
  • Amplify the climate positive impact through co-marketing campaigns with KlimaDAO.

Klima Infinity leverages the KlimaDAO protocol to enable organizations to become climate positive.

The KlimaDAO protocol continuously accumulates carbon tokens and distributes them to Klima Infinity users via staking rewards. Users can retire these carbon credits with Klima Infinity to offset into perpetuity.

Klima Infinity is your organization’s carbon offset accumulator, and makes it fast, easy, and transparent for you to deliver on your organization’s climate positive pledge.

Why become climate positive?

The Klima Infinity climate positive approach yields numerous additional benefits:

  • A potential hedge against future offset price increases.
  • Granting the right to participate in KlimaDAO governance, including decision making around treasury asset composition and partnership initiatives.
  • Alignment, via KlimaDAO, with the Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets – working to catalyze a robust and efficient on-chain carbon market.
  • Accelerating the delivery of finance to sustainability projects globally by driving demand and adoption for carbon offsets.
  • Portfolio diversification with an asset linked to carbon markets, which historically have a low correlation to other asset classes.
  • Exposure to the web3 carbon market, which is set to benefit from the tightening of carbon emissions regulations worldwide.

Get started with the User Guide

Becoming climate positive with Klima Infinity takes just four steps. Access the User Guide here to get started.


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