KlimaDAO Launch Announcement

KlimaDAO Launch Announcement

Published Tue Oct 12 2021

Head over to the KlimaDAO Community Hub to get started on your Klima journey.

You can also join our Discord and follow our Twitter to get ongoing updates as we launch.

Remember to always double check all contract addresses with the ones from official KlimaDAO channels.

Klimates, get ready for launch.

In the several weeks that have elapsed since the close of the Fair Launch event, we have been absolutely astounded by the enthusiasm and growth of our community. In just a few weeks we have gained some 20,000 new members and followers across Discord and Twitter. We’ve already got the attention of carbon market experts, DAOs, influencers, and celebrities, and we haven’t even launched yet.

The core team at KlimaDAO, our advisors, and contributors have all been hard at work preparing the UI and smart contracts, fine tuning policy mechanisms, testing and auditing.

Once we are live, anyone holding a KLIMA token can begin interacting with the ecosystem. Staking is the dominant long-term strategy (3, 3) for Klimates for the protocol to grow.

Newcomers will also be able to acquire KLIMA through the bonding mechanism (i.e., by committing liquidity tokens to the treasury), or directly from the SushiSwap trading pools (SushiSwap pools will launch in line with the closing value of our Fair Launch Auction on Copper Launch).

The initial circulating supply will be just 250,000 KLIMA Base Carbon Tonne (BCT) in the protocol’s treasury.

Getting Ready

First up, remember that KlimaDAO will be on Polygon, not Ethereum mainnet. This is the sustainable, efficient network for us to build on. We therefore suggest you prepare some MATIC ahead of time so you can interact with the protocol. 1–2 MATIC should be sufficient, as transactions are typically a few pennies.

Additionally, if you have acquired aKLIMA or alKLIMA, you will need to have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the gas for bridging.

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) Participants (aKLIMA)*

If you acquired aKLIMA, you need to bridge your aKLIMA across to Polygon. If you aren’t sure how to do this, here is a tutorial on our Community Hub:

How to bridge AlphaKLIMA and AlchemistKLIMA tokens to the Polygon network

*for those who earned alKLIMA through Crucible, the exact same process described in this section for aKLIMA should be repeated for alKLIMA.

Launch Day

The relevant contract and pool addresses will be communicated in the KlimaDAO Discord and the Twitter account on launch day.

Please always double check that you are using verified contract addresses before making any changes. KlimaDAO takes no responsibility for funds lost from interacting with unverified contract addresses.

There are a few strategies on launch day to get exposure:

  1. Acquire KLIMA in the open market via liquidity pools on SushiSwap. Simply connect your wallet and search for KLIMA (remember to switch to Polygon and avoid the illiquid L1 aKLIMA pool).
  2. Whether you acquire your KLIMA on launch day, or already have some, you can put your KLIMA to work by staking at https://dapp.klimadao.finance/#/stake
  3. Bonding is a way to acquire KLIMA as the protocol will deliver the user a discount. To bond, you must get BCT from Sushiswap, or acquire VCUs and bridge them using the infrastructure developed by Toucan (formerly CO2ken). Once you hold the assets, head over to https://dapp.klimadao.finance/#/bonds

What’s Next?

Over the next 7 days, the KlimaDAO core team will be doing final checks and deploying ahead of launch. We will also be continuously monitoring for issues and unforeseen events during this critical time.

After this, we will be focused on formalising the governance of the DAO, developing our community engagement, and looking for external talent and contributors.

In the meantime to keep up to date, turn on notifications for #announcements in the KlimaDAO Discord and follow our Twitter account.

Finally, note that attending our Office Hours in the Discord on Tuesdays and Thursdays is the best place to find out key information and developments of the DAO. We hope to see you there.

Get ready.


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