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The easiest way to go carbon neutral

Klima Infinity is a next-generation carbon toolkit for your organization

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Dozens of organizations have offset over 150,000 carbon tonnes with Klima Infinity

Offsetra is proud to pledge to offset 484 tonnes from our operational emissions, including employee travel. KlimaDAO has initiated a paradigm shift in the voluntary carbon market and we are excited to contribute to the on-chain market's innovations in the years to come.



26 MAR 2022

As surfers and outdoor recreationists who care deeply about mother nature we're proud to make a commitment to offset the footprint that will be created by our web3 project. We'd like to thank KlimaDAO for the opportunity to collaborate on these efforts.



01 MAY 2022

At gm. studio, we work with artists who care deeply about their work, and in turn we care deeply about preserving it. This also applies more generally, and we wish to preserve the planet which has afforded us this freedom.



26 MAR 2022

Offset in seconds, with no red tape


Fast: Offset in seconds, with no red tape

Real-time pricing, low transaction costs


Affordable: Real time pricing, saving 30% or more

For the planet's pioneering organizations

The world's most powerful and easy-to-use offsetting solution

Immutably recorded on the blockchain


Tranparent: Immutably recorded on the blockchain

Why KlimaDAO?

DeFi that defies climate change

KlimaDAO is leveraging a stack of DeFi technologies to reduce market fragmentation and accelerate the delivery of climate finance to sustainability projects worldwide.

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Calculate your organization's carbon footprint and define the scope of your offset with Klima Infinity.



Implement your offset with just a few clicks, and with near-instant transaction time.



Track your commitment, and amplify awareness around your Climate Positive actions.

Accelerate your path to carbon neutral - and beyond

Polygon chose Klima Infinity to offset their blockchain network

Polygon offset the network's carbon emissions since inception - roughly 90,000 tonnes - and pledged to go climate positive for all of the network's future transactions.

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The offset is part of Polygon's Green Manifesto

By offsetting the historical emissions of their entire network, Polygon has ensured that every interaction within its network - whether an NFT mint or a DeFi transaction - is taken into account. This is a key reason why Meta chose Polygon to issue its NFTs.

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KlimaDAO's mission is to democratize climate action

18.1 million

Carbon tonnes held by KlimaDAO

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Carbon tonnes offset via KlimaDAO

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a carbon offset?


A carbon offset unit represents the removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) from the atmosphere, or the avoidance of one tonne of emissions.

2. How does offsetting help in the fight against climate change?


Carbon credits are a high-integrity mechanism that allow carbon finance to flow from those who pollute, to projects across the globe that help to mitigate or remove carbon from the atmosphere. They are a valuable tool to cover hard-to-abate emissions that may be costly or technically challenging to eliminate today.
When you purchase a carbon credit, Klima Infinity enables you to retire this carbon credit, permanently removing it from circulation. This retirement is the point at which you can claim the benefit of the carbon offset.
Purchased offsets lead to measurable and accountable emissions reductions elsewhere in the economy, and can be used to ‘offset’ an unavoidable carbon footprint. The trade and retirement of carbon credits enables a market mechanism to emerge that puts a price on carbon.

3. What are carbon markets?


The objective of carbon markets is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG, or “carbon”) emissions cost-effectively by setting limits on emissions and enabling the trading of emission units, which are financial instruments representing emission reductions. Trading enables entities that can reduce emissions at lower cost to be paid to do so by higher-cost emitters, thus lowering the economic cost of reducing emissions.

The next-generation carbon toolkit for your organization

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