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Elevating the KlimaDAO brand

KlimaDAO logo against a sky blue, cloudy background

KlimaDAO has a fresh look, showcased in today’s launch of our new website. This article discusses the road ahead for KlimaDAO as an organization as well as a brand.

Embodying our mission

KlimaDAO’s mission is to bring the coordination and mass participation of web3 technologies to the carbon markets, creating an emerging economic system that rewards financial activism for the climate and counters the existing economic system that perpetuates harm to the planet.

To support this mission, KlimaDAO’s new branding is friendly and relatable to inspire a broad audience. While KlimaDAO sits at the nexus of complex systems (web3, DeFi, and carbon markets), the challenge it is tackling is simple, and it affects all of us. The new site is approachable by design, opening the doors to a new audience who is passionate about the environment and new to crypto.

Mission statement of KlimaDAO

Realizing our vision

KlimaDAO’s brand voice is authoritative, reflecting the expertise embedded in the DAO. It conveys the boldness of our vision, which can only be achieved by working alongside leading global organizations to defeat climate change. The tone engenders trust among our professional partners and signals to the world that we bridge the gap between decentralized and traditional carbon markets.

Vision statement of KlimaDAO

Spurring action

Finally, a fresh design language inspires action by reducing complexity, clearing a path to participation, and reminding us all of the beautiful earth we are working to save. This will be most evident in our website, which launched today with a new look and feel. Future updates to the site will include educational content and resources, a simplified fiat-to-Klima on-ramp in partnership with Mobilum, and live dashboards to transparently monitor protocol health. Read more about the upcoming iterations and development process in this blog post.

A new brand guidelines for KlimaDAO

Growth according to plan

This design evolution is more than just a surface-level aesthetic change. It’s evidence of KlimaDAO firmly stepping into the Integrations phase of its roadmap – prioritizing the onboarding of non-crypto-natives, and positioning itself as a leader in the climate blockchain space through best-in-class utility. This is an ecosystem that evolves over time with a clear path to growth, branches that are expanding, and roots that are deepening every day.

A small collection of KlimaDAO marketing material


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