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SDG Impact Stories


CO2-Equivalent Emissions Offset (Metric Tonnes)

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Retired by ClimatePositive on behalf of SDG Impact Stories World Tour



34 BCT


SDG Impact Stories

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Thursday, March 9, 2023


This represents the permanent retirement of tokenized carbon assets on the Polygon blockchain. This retirement and the associated data are immutable public records.

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About Klima

KlimaDAO is incentivizing sustainability and catalyzing a more transparent and liquid carbon market. Our tools make it possible for any individual or businesses to trade and retire quality carbon assets on the blockchain.

KLIMA tokens are at the center of a burgeoning on-chain carbon economy. Visit our knowledge base to learn more about KLIMA, carbon offsetting, carbon markets, and the underlying carbon assets.

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Use carbon-backed KLIMA tokens to govern, swap, and earn staking rewards— then use those rewards to offset your emissions!

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