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How to get $KLIMA

KLIMA is a carbon-backed digital asset and can be staked for rewards or used to offset digital carbon. Holding KLIMA also empowers you to vote and help govern the Digital Carbon Market.

This is a short tutorial for beginners who are new to Web3 and DeFi


The best and easiest way to get KLIMA is to follow these three steps:

  1. Create a wallet. We recommend Torus Wallet, but our app supports most Web3 wallets (Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Brave, MyEtherWallet, and many more).

  2. Load your new wallet with MATIC tokens. MATIC is the gas that powers the Polygon network. Every transaction you execute on Polygon will require a few cents worth of MATIC to pay the network fee.

  3. Swap for KLIMA. Sushi is a Decentralized Exchange where you can trade some of your MATIC tokens for KLIMA tokens at the lowest possible price.

1. Create a Wallet

Head to and click "Connect" at the top-right corner.

Choose the “Email or Social” sign-in option, which will direct you to log in with Torus. Torus is a technology that generates a secure wallet using your existing email or social login. You will be able to use this new Torus wallet across hundreds of other Web3 and DeFi apps.

When you are connected, you should see your new wallet address in the top left corner of the app.

Advanced: if you don't want to use Torus, feel free to use any Polygon-compatible Web3 wallet.

2. Load your wallet with MATIC tokens

Use a service like MoonPay or Transak or a centralized exchange like Coinbase to buy Polygon MATIC and send it to your newly created wallet.

Be sure that the MATIC tokens are sent to your new wallet address! You can copy the address to your clipboard by connecting to our app and clicking the address in the navigation menu.

Be sure to buy and send the MATIC through the Polygon network! Some exchanges like Coinbase will ask you which network to send the MATIC tokens on. Make sure to always choose Polygon.

3. Swap for KLIMA on

3A. Connect Torus to using WalletConnect

Note: these instructions are for Torus wallet users only. Sushi supports a variety of different wallets.

In a new browser tab, go to the Torus Polygon webapp and log in with your new Torus account. When you log in, you should see a WalletConnect widget.


In a separate browser tab, visit and click "Connect" at the top-right corner. You will be presented with a few wallet options. Choose WalletConnect. After you choose WalletConnect you will see a QR code—click "Copy to Clipboard".


Return to the Torus wallet app and paste this code into the WalletConnect widget. This will create a temporary connection between your wallet and

When you return to the Sushi tab in your browser, you should see that your Torus address is now visible in the top-right corner.

Finally, use the drop-down menu on to switch to the Polygon network.

3B. Swap MATIC for KLIMA

After connecting your wallet and switching to the Polygon network, you should now be able to swap from MATIC to KLIMA.

Important note: don't swap all your MATIC for KLIMA! Save at least 0.5 MATIC to pay for future transaction fees.


If you are using Torus, keep the browser tab with the Torus app open. You will need to return to your wallet to approve and authorize the transactions.

Optional: If you'd like your Sushi transactions themselves to be climate positive, you should enable the Sushi 'Green Fee', powered by KlimaDAO. This will spend 0.02 MATIC per transaction to purchase and retire digital carbon automatically!

Stake, earn, vote, and offset!

Congrats! Now that you have some KLIMA in your wallet, we highly recommend staking that KLIMA for sKLIMA, which accrues rewards over time as the protocol grows.

You can also use the app to spend KLIMA and retire digital carbon on the blockchain.

Finally, keep an eye out for ongoing votes and help guide the protocol in the right direction.

Why do I have to buy MATIC first?

The KLIMA token and protocol lives on the Polygon blockchain. MATIC is the “gas” that powers every transaction on Polygon. It is not possible to execute a transaction without paying the transaction fee. This means you will need to pay a few cents worth of MATIC for the following actions:

  • Sending tokens to another wallet

  • Staking KLIMA for sKLIMA

  • Swapping between different tokens

  • Using KLIMA or other tokens to offset carbon

Are there other ways to get KLIMA? What are bonds?

Experienced crypto users can buy KLIMA directly from the protocol via bonds. To acquire KLIMA via bonds, you provide a carbon token or liquidity token and get discounted KLIMA tokens in return. This is the mechanism that the DAO uses to grow its treasury of digital carbon.

Bond capacity is limited and bonds are not always available.

Can I buy KLIMA directly with a credit card?

Yes, some on-ramp providers like Transak allow you to buy KLIMA directly with a credit card, for a fee. However, if your wallet doesn't have MATIC, you won't be able to transfer or perform other actions. For this reason, and to guarantee the best market rate, we recommend buying MATIC directly instead, and swapping your MATIC for KLIMA on

Which centralized exchanges (CEXs) can I find $KLIMA on?

$KLIMA is currently traded on – you can click here to find its listing. If you are aware of $KLIMA's listing on other CEXs, contact us to have it included on this reference page.

What if I want to use a different exchange, but they don't sell Polygon MATIC?

Advanced users can use the Polygon Bridge to move any asset from Ethereum to Polygon, and/or the Polygon Gas Swap to swap assets like USDC for MATIC.

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