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Public goods require good governance

KlimaDAO provides us all with a global organizational layer to address climate change.

Climate change is a  result of coordination failure

It is very difficult to coordinate globally and align incentives

The Voluntary Carbon Market was created to internalize the cost of climate change, but it is still hampered by opacity

The absence of trust in carbon markets leads to coordination failure

KlimaDAO uniquely enables coordination

KlimaDAO is autonomous: the protocol works automatically and carries out its functions as a market maker for environmental commodities

KlimaDAO is decentralized: the protocol’s evolution is determined by the DAO community and ecosystem

KlimaDAO’s past, present, and future live on the blockchain –
transparent and trusted by all participants

KlimaDAO’s governance is ultimately determined by how
you affect it and get involved

By participating in KlimaDAO’s governance and using $KLIMA, you can steward KlimaDAO’s treasury, infrastructure, and human capital in the fight against climate change.

How KlimaDAO coordinates

You too can play a part

is the entry point to the Digital Carbon Market

Every $KLIMA token is backed by at least one carbon tonne in the KlimaDAO treasury.

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