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Artist SVN celebrates KlimaDAO with a unique NFT

A picture of Earth as interpreted by Sven Eberwein
Sven Eberwein 2020: M Carbon Dioxide

Sven Eberwein is a German artist based in Los Angeles. His name will be familiar to those who have been following the development of the intersection between carbon emissions, NFTs, and crypto over the past years.

Sven has been a collaborator with KlimaDAO since its genesis, creating the M Carbon Horizon and D Carbon Horizon NFTs for the KlimaDAO Initial Discord Offering.

One of Sven’s works, M Carbon Dioxide, was a watershed moment for the space; it was the first NFT to bring into focus the carbon emissions generated from Proof of Work consensus mechanisms, and which incorporated carbon credits into its design to more than compensate for the carbon emissions resulting from his MEME contract address. Sven worked with the team at Offsetra to source 1,000 Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) which are internalised in the artwork.

His latest work named CO2_COMPOUND was inspired by the concepts of a blackhole consuming carbon credits and the power of compounding. The blackhole represents the treasury of KlimaDAO which permanently locks away Base Carbon Tonnes given by bonders in reward for auto-compounding sKLIMA rewards.

The NFT itself has one such sKLIMA token irreversibly embedded in it. The NFT itself will therefore earn rewards and ultimately increase the amount of Base Carbon Tonnes that it internalises.

The KlimaDAO treasury is the permanent carbon custodian, and the NFT becomes the de facto staker of last resort to guarantee the permanent locking of Base Carbon Tonnes within the system.

The sKLIMA can never be redeemed from the NFT. The NFT will internalise carbon ad infinitum.

A picture of an abstract eyeball in constant motion
Sven Eberwein 2021: CO2_COMPOUND

CO2_Compound was auctioned by OceanDrop, a charitable NFT art auction hosted by the Open Earth Foundation to raise funds for marine conservation. The digital gavel fell on December 6th, 2021 for a price of 7.5 ETH (~$31,000) on OpenSea, with all proceeds going towards the conservation efforts.

“The question I wanted to explore with CO2_COMPOUND is if art can emerge from being a subject of economic interest & speculation to being an expression of it. The artwork becomes an economic actor with a transparent & immutable financial intent that can’t be influenced or changed by either artist or collectors in the future. The climate crisis at its core, is a collective action & coordination problem. There is no one way to solve it. CO2_COMPOUND is an experiment within a larger crypto economic climate initiative that is KlimaDAO.” Sven Eberwein, December 2021.

At the time of the sale, the work represents 11.8 Base Carbon Tonnes, and the team at KlimaDAO has created a Dune dashboard to track its growth.

KlimaDAO sincerely thanks Sven for his ongoing work to raise awareness around issues of climate change and the natural invite, and his support of KlimaDAO.

The messages conveyed in Sven’s art have helped to educate, inform and ultimately create positive change in Web3.

If you are interested in learning more about how KlimaDAO can enable coordination and financial activism to tackle climate change, join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter.


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