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Digital Charity Art x KlimaDAO: saving oceans with KLIMA-backed NFTs

Lead image announcing the partnership between DCA and KlimaDAO

Meet Digital Charity Art

Based in New Zealand, Digital Charity Art (DCA) leverages web3 technologies to drive funding for charitable ventures. Proceeds from DCA’s NFT collections are tied to causes such as ocean conservation.

DCA is working with charities internationally, including See Turtles and the Marine Megafauna Foundation.

Infographic of the partners of DCA
The Digital Oceans V2 mint will raise funds for international charities

The Digital Oceans V1 collection consisted of 250 unique NFTs, selling out and showcasing how the engagement and excitement around NFT art can be channeled toward charitable causes.

The V2 mint looks to take this further, with 1,000 NFTs available to be minted for 200 DAI each on March 6, 2022. The proceeds of the mint will be used to purchase MCO2, which will be bonded for KLIMA and staked, in order to back the NFTs.

Over the long term, DCA is working toward unifying, developing, and maturing the work of NFT philanthropy, which is still in its relative infancy. In some ways, DCA’s goal is to do for charitable NFTs what KlimaDAO is doing for carbon markets and green projects: to streamline an entire sector and leverage its talent to drive funding toward improving the world.

Digital Oceans V2: a climate-positive NFT mint, backed by KLIMA

Taking place on March 6, the Digital Oceans V2 mint is set to become the first climate-positive NFT drop.

  • The NFTs will be backed 100% by KLIMA. The proceeds of the mint will be used to buy MCO2 tokens and bond them into the KlimaDAO treasury.

  • The KLIMA tokens will be staked, and 30% of KLIMA staking rewards will go to ocean conservation efforts via DCA’s partner charities.

  • Minting will take place on the Polygon network, which cuts energy consumption by 99.95% compared to Proof of Work blockchains.

As a Klima Infinity launch partner, DCA is purchasing twice the amount of their organizational carbon footprint in KLIMA, enabling them to hold custody over carbon credits, and continuously accumulate more carbon credits by staking KLIMA.

A time capsule that gives back to the planet

Similarly to the CO2 Compound NFT released by the artist SVN, these 1,000 unique pieces are carbon compounding artworks. Through staking, each NFT will be backed by a growing number of carbon tonnes over time.

When you mint an NFT, you will have the option to claim the underlying KLIMA, along with 70% of staking rewards, by burning the NFT. Over the course of the year, 30% of rewards will be claimed by DCA to be directed toward their charitable ocean conservation efforts.

The V2 mint will provide funding for several of DCA’s charities:

The NFTs act as a time capsule, locking up and compounding over the course of a year, while generating cash flow for ocean conservation. They represent an exciting use case for KLIMA as an underlying building block of the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) ecosystem.

Infographic about the history and business operations of DCA

How to participate

The greenlist is now open on the DCA Discord Server. Join DCA’s like-minded community and learn how to meet all the requirements to get a chance to mint one of the 1,000 unique pieces.

More about DCA:

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