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KlimaDAO: an introduction

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Create a future where the cost of carbon to the climate is embedded into our economic system, through the creation and governance of a carbon-backed cryptocurrency that aligns incentives between all parties, including civil society and organizations.


KlimaDAO’s mission is to leverage Web3 technologies that enable coordination and mass participation within the carbon markets, and fully integrate them into the emerging economic system by delivering on the following objectives:

  • Reward those who participate in activism for the climate.

  • Develop and govern a carbon-backed currency that internalizes the cost of carbon, and that functions as a counter to the existing economic system that supports the production of negative environmental externalities, including greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Provide the building blocks that enable high-impact and composable Web3-based carbon solutions.

  • Increase activity in the voluntary carbon market (VCM) to grow demand for existing carbon projects while incentivizing the development of new high-impact projects.

  • Reduce opacity and intermediaries within the VCM by bringing credits on chain and providing transparency.


The word "Discovery" on a nature themed background
  • Community: Over 60,000 community members (Klimates).

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): The DAO is established with departments focused on policy, engineering, partnerships, operations, community, creative, and marketing.

  • Products and partnerships: Klima Infinity is in development which provides carbon custody and continuous carbon offsets as a service for organizations wishing to help KLIMA be an instrument in their sustainability plans and/or as a native green asset for their decentralized finance (DeFi) activities.

  • Carbon market: Disrupting the VCM by increasing the value floor across carbon offset indices (e.g. base carbon, nature-based, removals, etc.).

  • Treasury: Rapidly grew to 14,000,000 BCT in treasury. Dilution reduction framework voted on (KIP3 and KIP5) by the community.

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  • Community: Focus turns to onboarding non-crypto-native enthusiasts in a seamless and safe process.

  • DAO: Community members with high-level skills and experience are urged to help the departments, increasing the efficiency and output. The DAO begins the process of partnering with outside firms to increase Klima’s profile.

  • Products and partnerships: Development of the on-chain compliance market (i.e. BITMOs) as well as new carbon assets bridged on chain by a diverse group of protocols. Klima establishes its position of leadership in the climate blockchain space.

  • Carbon market: New bridge protocols bring novel classes of carbon assets on chain. The carbon market acknowledges Klima’s sustained and growing impact.

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  • Community: The community swells as the network effect amplifies into non-cryptocurrency communities. Popular influencers support Klima and brand awareness becomes widespread.

  • DAO: A thriving group of contributors support Klima’s mission, and the DAO works hand in hand with professional firms to deliver the highest possible value for the community.

  • Products and partnerships: Klima Infinity is expanding a high level of service for corporations and blockchain-native organizations that are voluntarily or otherwise required to be carbon neutral or climate positive.

  • Carbon market: Major trading activity is occurring on the blockchain between countries and private entities. Klima is the majority owner of this liquidity with trading fee revenue supporting further climate action.

  • Treasury: Revenue from liquidity pair trading and other services continues to grow. Treasury is increasingly utilized to increase adoption and build sustainable revenue streams.

The word "Stabilization" on a nature themed background
  • Community: Global coordination to prioritize climate action solidifies. Government and industry representatives make their voices heard in the community. Community members have developed synergistic protocols within the Klima ecosystem.

  • DAO: The DAO begins to coordinate with high-level government and industry representatives to structure the on-chain carbon ecosystem.

  • Products and partnerships: The protocol has grown to the level required by the world’s largest funds to take positions. Klima Infinity is widely used as a method of tracking and offsetting carbon emissions by the world’s largest corporations.

  • Carbon market: The majority of global carbon reduction asset trading is occurring through Klima’s liquidity pools. Klima is supporting innovation in this space to produce new forms of carbon removal credits that more efficiently reduce atmospheric pollution.

  • Treasury: Assets are increasingly used to promote activities benefiting climate action. Stabilization of KLIMA will begin to occur once the treasury has amassed such a large quantity of carbon credits that the rate of growth decreases. This will further promote even wider adoption of Klima as a carbon reserve currency.

The word "Maturity" on a nature themed background
  • Community: Global coordination has established Klima as an important driver of economic activity in developing nations, often hardest hit by climate change.

  • DAO: All contributors are full time and experts in their fields.

  • Products and partnerships: Innovative products continue to be released, further extending Klima’s reach into the traditional carbon space.

  • Carbon market: The economic incentives created by Klima permeate down the value chain to ensure the long-term development and viability of new, high-impact carbon projects.

  • Treasury: Carbon tons in the treasury make up a significant percentage of the total carbon market and Klima is a central figure in global climate action and climate finance.


  • Klima rewards those who participate in financial activism for the climate.

  • KlimaDAO leverages the opportunities presented by Web3 to deliver immediate and tangible positive impacts for the climate.

  • This consists of three key mechanisms:

  1. A functioning and organized DAO that rewards high-impact contributions from the community,

  2. An incentive structure that enables the bridging of carbon assets into DeFi; incentives that are ultimately passed down the chain to carbon project developers,

  3. A DeFi 2.0 structure that rewards stakeholders.

  • Through these mechanisms, KlimaDAO has launched a carbon-backed currency, KLIMA. KlimaDAO manages the governance of this currency.

  • Over the coming months and years, KlimaDAO will build long-lasting partnerships, increase adoption, and continue to innovate in order to position Klima as part of the solution to global warming.

If you are interested in learning more about how KlimaDAO can enable coordination to tackle climate change, join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post pertaining to KlimaDAO (“KlimaDAO”), its crypto-assets, business assets, strategy, and operations, is for general informational purposes only and is not a formal offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, options, futures, or other derivatives related to securities in any jurisdiction and its content is not prescribed by securities laws. Information contained in this blog post should not be relied upon as advice to buy or sell or hold such securities or as an offer to sell such securities. This blog post does not take into account nor does it provide any tax, legal or investment advice or opinion regarding the specific investment objectives or financial situation of any person. KlimaDAO and its agents, advisors, directors, officers, employees and shareholders make no representation or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of such information and KlimaDAO expressly disclaims any and all liability that may be based on such information or errors or omissions thereof. KlimaDAO reserves the right to amend or replace the information contained herein, in part or entirely, at any time, and undertakes no obligation to provide the recipient with access to the amended information or to notify the recipient thereof. The information contained in this blog post supersedes any prior blog post or conversation concerning the same, similar or related information. Any information, representations or statements not contained herein shall not be relied upon for any purpose. Neither KlimaDAO nor any of its representatives shall have any liability whatsoever, under contract, tort, trust or otherwise, to you or any person resulting from the use of the information in this blog post by you or any of your representatives or for omissions from the information in this blog post. Additionally, KlimaDAO undertakes no obligation to comment on the expectations of, or statements made by, third parties in respect of the matters discussed in this blog post.


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