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KlimaDAO launches Japanese subsidiary to transform climate action via Web3 and blockchain

KlimaDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), is pleased to announce the establishment of KlimaDAO Japan. Led by core members of the DAO, KlimaDAO Japan will support climate change initiatives and serve the Japanese customer base.

With the support of the wider KlimaDAO community, signified via the passing of KIP-48 in October 2023, KlimaDAO Japan will launch a pilot of a carbon credit marketplace compatible with the Government of Japan's 'J-Credits' system in April. Built on the public Polygon blockchain, the marketplace will enable companies, municipalities, and individuals to effectively address climate change via tokenized carbon credits. Participants for the J-Credit pilot are currently being onboarded and can sign up below.

"Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges we face today,"

said Shohei Hamada, representative of KlimaDAO Japan.

"By leveraging the transparency, reliability, and scalability of Web3 and blockchain, we aim to create a new trend in climate action from Japan."

KlimaDAO Japan will focus on three key business pillars:

  • Launching Japan’s first dedicated tokenized carbon marketplace: The marketplace will handle both J-Credits and other credits from the voluntary market, including those from overseas, allowing participants to easily buy, sell, hold, and retire tokenized carbon credits.

  • Supporting the creation, procurement, and digitization of carbon credits: KlimaDAO Japan will assist customers in creating and digitizing J-Credits and various types of voluntary credits, as well as procuring overseas credits for specific use cases.

  • Consultancy and development services: KlimaDAO Japan will provide consultancy and development support in all aspects of tokenized carbon, drawing on the deep knowledge and proven technology pioneered by KlimaDAO since its launch in 2021.

KlimaDAO Japan has already begun collaborating with Saikai City in Nagasaki Prefecture and Saikai Creative Company Corporation (SCC) to support Saikai City's goal of becoming a 'Zero Carbon City'. The plan involves creating carbon credits that represent the city's environmental values, transferring them to the blockchain using KlimaDAO Japan's bridging technology, and integrating the tokenized carbon credits into NFTs and a Metaverse developed by SCC.

The NFT project and Metaverse are still under development and may be subject to change at the time of release.

For more information about KlimaDAO Japan and the J-Credit pilot, please visit or contact


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