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KlimaDAO's new website: A new hub for climate coordination

KlimaDAO today launches its new website, which is designed to accelerate climate action through collective coordination. The release builds on the principles and values established in this previous article. This post outlines the vision behind the redesigned site, how it aims to engage diverse stakeholders via tailored user journeys, and the iterative approach we will use to build on this foundation over time. It explains the "why, how, and what" behind KlimaDAO, from the initial goal-setting, to leveraging public goods and common resources, to plans for ongoing improvement. Read on to learn how the new website creates a hub to drive climate solutions by rallying support, showcasing impact, and providing accessible resources.

In 2021, KlimaDAO launched with a vision to scale the impact and efficiency of climate finance globally—running on a pragmatic website that enabled the protocol to incentivize an exponential trend of digital carbon supply growth.

By 2022, KlimaDAO had leveraged Web3 to build fertile ground for the Digital Carbon Market (DCM) – with 25 million tonnes of digital carbon available and fundamental infrastructure in place to utilize it. This demanded a new face – an updated website with a clean aesthetic and built-in capabilities to share resources to improve accessibility to the DCM.

In 2023, KlimaDAO has become feature complete: a public good available to be leveraged in a global effort to address the coordination failure that has held back the scaling up of climate finance.

Today we release a new hub for KlimaDAO and its community: a website that is designed to evolve and showcase the growing activities, impact, and reach of this feature-complete protocol. It is also designed to ensure that the KlimaDAO community is always guided by the protocol’s primary objective of scaling the carbon (and other environmental asset) markets to maximize their positive impact on our planet. This vision and mission are at the center of the new website’s structure and design considerations.

Our guiding principles: Defining KlimaDAO’s why, how, and what

Why does KlimaDAO exist?

We exist to solve the coordination failure that has compromised our climate and our environmental ecosystems.

Designing our new home – and in particular the page –, the question we examined from first principles and sought to achieve wide consensus around was our ‘why’. In addressing one of our generation’s most profound challenges, it is easy to miscommunicate: being so broad as to be superficial, or being so technical as to be overly granular.

KlimaDAO uniquely provides a specific solution to a very complex and profound problem: it is a novel way to coordinate human and capital resources in response to the climate crisis in a way that can match its scale and urgency. The problem of climate change is fundamentally one of coordination failure—nation states and disparate actors failing to work together and execute on plans is why we are faced with an emissions gap in the first place. Until now, we have lacked the mechanisms to bridge divides and ignite collective climate action.

KlimaDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization: a social coordination layer, where the success of its mission is determined by how you and other participants affect it and get involved. Its unique incentive system and its governance process exist to drive effective participation and engagement, priming KlimaDAO to solve precisely the type of coordination failure that has compromised our planet’s climate and ecosystems.

KlimaDAO’s new home page therefore leads with KlimaDAO’s raison d'être as justification for offering public goods and common-pool resources. In making these available, we can effectively address the climate crisis in a novel way.

Achieving consensus around the ‘why’ (and the subsequent ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions) happened in DAO-like fashion: an initially narrow website design working group elevated this framing to a broader, cross-functional working group. After feedback and consensus, the framing was shared across the contributor Discord, and eventually surfaced during the monthly All-Hands Office Hours to the rest of the community.

How does KlimaDAO build toward its vision?

We provide public goods and common-pool resources that form the basis of a social, financial, and technological layer.

Moving further down the KlimaDAO home page we answer the questions that logically follow: ‘How’ – by means of what mission – KlimaDAO can uniquely achieve this grand vision.

As elaborated in our previous article, KlimaDAO provides public goods and common-pool resources, bringing these together under the umbrella of the DAO’s governance framework—enabling the Organization to act as our “planet’s coordination layer”.

KlimaDAO’s retirement aggregator, Klima Data, and the $KLIMA token are all public goods, allowing people to access and benefit from the DCM, and are openly available for Web3 developers and wider carbon market actors to build with and integrate into other systems. The digital carbon liquidity pools stewarded by KlimaDAO are common-pool resources that can be managed and utilized by various users to sustain the DCM’s health and longevity sustainability.

KlimaDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization: how the protocol behaves is determined by the community and ecosystem, while the protocol works automatically to carry out its functions as a market maker for environmental assets. Its provision of public goods and common-pool resources for the DCM takes place in a neutral, trusted, and open manner: governed by you and other participants.

Neutral, trusted, public, and open-source—these are values shared by the KlimaDAO community, and they enable the DCM to emerge as a mechanism to enable efficient climate markets. This is coordination manifested.

Diving into KlimaDAO’s offering of public goods and common-pool resources also enables us to answer the ‘what’ question:

What does KlimaDAO do to fulfill its mission?

KlimaDAO issues the $KLIMA token, seeds liquidity pools, and enables layers of technology infrastructure to route through a flourishing ecosystem.

Since 2021, numerous case studies of KlimaDAO’s real-world impact have continued to emerge – these are highlighted on a content reel on our new homepage:

With our guiding principles now clear, then, it is time to interact with the protocol.

Built for you – who uses KlimaDAO, and how you can leverage it to drive impact

Addressing coordination failure means bringing together diverse actors and enabling them to route to the best user experience to fulfill their objectives. Since launching in 2021, KlimaDAO has built a wealth of resources and tooling. KlimaDAO’s new website brings these resources together in a central hub for easy access and navigation.

We identified the key user groups as falling under five broad categories:

Governance: This is where DCM stakeholders can leverage the DAO as a coordination engine. The journey starts with acquiring $KLIMA – as the $KLIMA token can be used to participate in KlimaDAO’s governance process, deciding on KlimaDAO’s allocation of its Treasury and its market-making capabilities. Users can navigate to the Forum, to take part in this consensus-forming process.

Infrastructure: This is where users can leverage KlimaDAO’s native tooling to navigate the DCM and its opportunities. Users can stake their $KLIMA to hedge against ecosystem inflation, acquire $KLIMA at a discount through bonds by supplying digital carbon to the Treasury, retire credits to drive environmental impact, and navigate the DCM using Klima Data.

Ecosystem: With people continuing to build on top of KlimaDAO’s underlying open base layer, users can navigate their way through the different applications and DCM services available via the Ecosystem hub.

Builders: KlimaDAO’s tools enable builders to integrate digital carbon into any application: this is where you will find what you need to get started on that journey and to get support from the DAO.

Resources: The ever-growing Resources hub provides you with the content you need, whether you’re looking for expertise and insights, guidance and education, or updates and announcements.

Where to next – continuing the spirit of iteration

When we launched KlimaDAO’s 2022 website, we drew attention to our iterative roadmap – and KlimaDAO’s new website has been built in the lowest-friction way possible to enable further iteration. New content can be developed and updated by DAO contributors without any need for coding. This opens the door for pages to be added that showcase the capabilities and impact of KlimaDAO, and bring together the new resources that will be created as the DAO evolves.

Each of the Governance, Infrastructure, Ecosystem, Builders, and Resources hubs will be expanded and grow ever richer with content. Governance, for example, will dive deeper into the properties of the $KLIMA token, while Infrastructure will act as a conduit for organizations looking to establish liquid markets for environmental assets. The Ecosystem hub will grow to showcase the KlimaDAO Treasury and $KLIMA-powered applications, while Builders will help inspire a new wave of developers. We will be expanding our Resources with more community-generated content, highlighting contributor participation in events around the world.

As KlimaDAO proceeds on its path to progressive decentralization, our new hub will serve as a way to track progress and help ensure that we stay true to our ‘why’ – as we proceed with the execution of our ‘how’ and ‘what’ roadmaps. In all aspects, this updated platform underlines KlimaDAO's commitment to driving innovation and participation in the carbon markets. Our goal is to make these markets more accessible, and so to exponentially increase their impact. We encourage you to explore the resources, participate in governance, and make your voice heard. Your insights help steer our collective journey toward sustainability.


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