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Offsetra x KlimaDAO: laying the green foundation for DeFi

Header image announcing the KlimaDAO and Offsetra partnership

As a Klima Infinity analytics partner, Offsetra is offering access to its carbon footprint calculator and consulting expertise to KlimaDAO in the calculation of off-chain and on-chain environmental impact.

About Offsetra

If anyone can call themselves a ‘veteran’ in the nascent web3/climate space, it’s Offsetra. Founded in 2019, Offsetra started as a tool for calculating the carbon footprint of an airline flight. Since then, it has introduced one of the first carbon footprint analysis methodologies of the Ethereum network and pioneered the first NFT and gaming carbon integrations.

Offsetra’s co-founders and advisors all have considerable experience in the sustainability space, spanning energy policy, carbon markets, and environmental impact assessment. In the past two years, they have been able to powerfully combine their work in sustainability with DeFi.

Offsetra has partnered with numerous clients such as the Proof of Stake Elrond network, which is now offsetting 25% more than the network’s emissions with the help of the partnership. Other clients include LTD.INC x Wrangler, Cryptovoxels, ArtBlocks, NFTrees, and Habbo Avatars.

Acting as an intermediary between businesses and sustainability projects on the ground, Offsetra sources carbon offsets from a variety of verified, high-impact projects like wind energy schemes in India and forest preservation activities in Belize, Uruguay, and Brazil.

Offsetra and KlimaDAO

As a Klima Infinity analytics partner, Offsetra is lending its experience in measuring both off-chain and on-chain carbon footprints. Through their calculator, any individual can calculate the footprint of a MetaMask wallet or contracts on the Ethereum network. Offsetra also brings to the table a number of partners and connections, extending KlimaDAO’s reach and strengthening the community of players in the crypto/carbon space.

Rafaella Orelli, Head of Business Development at Offsetra:

We believe the future voluntary carbon market will run on DeFi infrastructure and we see KlimaDAO as the critical force driving this development forward,” said “There are tremendous gains to be made in market access and efficiency as this space matures and we want to be a part of it.
Infographic of Offsetra business activities

KlimaDAO is honored to have Offsetra’s partnership, and looks forward to working together to achieve our shared mission of making next-generation financial infrastructure green from the very start. If you are interested in getting involved with KlimaDAO, join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter.


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