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ON SET #1 – recording, takeaways, FAQs

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Cover image for ON SET #1, Fundamentals of Digital Carbon.

With 850 sign-ups and 260 attendees live with us ON SET, our Fundamentals of Digital Carbon webinar was a huge success and a great start to the ON SET series.

The turnout was fantastic, and we enjoyed the quality of engagement both during and after the session. The 850 registrations came in from 67 countries, with the United States leading the way. The top cities represented were Berlin, London, and Mumbai.

A visual representation of the participants' countries of origin.
Registrations came in from 67 countries, with the United States, United Kingdom, and India most represented.

The diversity of attendees was further showcased by the types of organizations present, with representatives of government institutions, corporations, carbon registries, project developers, and universities. These participants contributed a variety of interesting questions, which we have shared below.

At the beginning of the session we ran a poll that yielded interesting results:

57% of participants had not yet interacted with the Digital Carbon Market

We are aware that there is a barrier to entry to this fast-growing space, and we will be looking to continue to lower these barriers through our upcoming ON SET webinar sessions.

The ON SET #1 webinar recording

The webinar recording is now available:

In ON SET #2 we will be diving deeper into the lifecycle of digital carbon from registry to sourcing and trading, as well as to leveraging this asset via integrations. Register now for ON SET #2 and join the community that is shaping the future of the carbon markets.

The most asked questions at ON SET #1 | Fundamentals of Digital Carbon

With 87 questions coming in during the session, we did not have a chance to answer all of them live. We have gathered the most asked questions below:

Does KlimaDAO have acceptance from carbon registries? When will new tokens be bridged on-chain?

KlimaDAO is engaged with registry consultations on tokenized carbon – announcements from Gold Standard and Verra have been slated for early 2023.

KlimaDAO is engaged with other registries to explore opportunities to collaborate.

Why should project developers engage with the Digital Carbon Market? How can they do so?

Star CB has benefitted from community-ratified funding totalling 250,000 USDC that will enable the issuance of 31,250 Gold Standard certified carbon credits between 2023 and 2025 – this is a model of how KlimaDAO is bringing high-quality carbon credits online and making them available as digital carbon.

Project developers with ICROA-endorsed credits can bring their credits online as digital carbon using supported bridging mechanisms. Get in touch for more information on how.

How can brokers and traders engage?

It is already possible to source digital carbon on-chain today. Visit KlimaDAO’s Carbon Dashboard to explore our pools for redemption or retirement.

Reach out for help to navigate and source directly from our pools; the team is on hand to provide product demonstrations and walkthroughs.

How can consumers/companies engage?

The Confluence Analytics and case studies serve to illustrate B2B2C solutions leveraging KlimaDAO’s toolset, pools, and smart contracts for automatic offsetting – get in touch if you’d like to kick off something similar for a product, service, or process you’d like to make climate positive.

If you’d like to directly retire digital carbon you can use KlimaDAO’s Retirement Aggregator.

How accessible is the Digital Carbon Market?

Individuals and organizations can easily access KlimaDAO’s pools using a Web3 wallet to retire credits directly from the pools. Selective redemption or retirement is also possible. Further information on how to use digital carbon via KlimaDAO is summarized in our ‘Introduction to the Digital Carbon Market’ report published at the end of last year.

What is KlimaDAO’s role in the Digital Carbon Market?

KlimaDAO provides public, open, and permissionless infrastructure for sourcing, bonding, retiring, and redeeming digital carbon. With its deep liquidity and developing infrastructure, applications and interactions with digital carbon will continually evolve to suit the expansion needs of the Voluntary Carbon Market.

What is the relationship between KLIMA and BCT? What is the role of KLIMA?

We summarize the dynamics between KLIMA and BCT here, expanding on the relationship between the two tokens and the relative roles of the KLIMA token and the other currently available carbon tokens. Note that, although KLIMA itself is backed by digital carbon assets, it cannot be used for offsetting claims in the same way that, for example, BCT or NBO can be.

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