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ON SET #3 - Takeaways, Recording, FAQs, and Series Roundup

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Cover for ON SET #3, Introducing Carbonmark

The inaugural ON SET webinar series has now drawn to a close, with Carbonmark: Introducing the Universal Carbon Marketplace capping off a fantastic three-part debut. Over 1,750 people registered for the series—a testament to the excitement surrounding developments in digital carbon.

The webinar series was attended by a diverse group of organizations, such as government institutions, corporations, carbon registries, universities, and project developers, from across 85 countries.

ON SET #3 focused on Carbonmark, the newly-launched digital carbon marketplace that provides open access to tens of millions of carbon credits. If you missed the session, watch the recording and catch up on some of the key takeaways below. The recordings of the previous sessions—ON SET #1 and ON SET #2—are also available on the KlimaDAO YouTube channel.

Introducing Carbonmark – the open hub to connect carbon supply and demand

Carbonmark as a connector of supply and demand.

Since its launch in 2021, KlimaDAO has been building fundamental infrastructure that brings transparency, liquidity, and interoperability to the Voluntary Carbon Market.

Carbonmark is the culmination of the initial build phase. It integrates the Digital Carbon Market (DCM) in one place, making it easier than ever to gain market insights, source credits, trade, and deliver projects to the market.

Carbon credit merchants, for example, can take advantage of the demand aggregation capabilities of the DCM's application layer. By listing on Carbonmark, projects can gain access to Provide's SAP and ServiceNow integration, which enables enterprise users to automatically offset their business activities in near real-time.

Carbonmark's codebase will soon be fully open-sourced, in order to foster a creative environment, and enable the emergence of an ecosystem of innovation that frees up the flow of capital from demand to supply.

Working with Circle to enable a seamless institutional user experience

Showing how Circle can make DeFi more accessible.

The key to unlocking access to the Digital Carbon Market is to enable direct interfacing with the blockchain without compromising user experience.

To this end, Carbonmark has worked with Circle to integrate an institutional custody solution. Users will be able to connect and transact in a way that offers an experience similar to a classic digital bank. At launch, Carbonmark offers email and social login options, bypassing the need to set up a potentially more complicated Web3 wallet; powered by Carbonmark's Circle integration, the sourcing, trading, and retiring of digital carbon will be possible at scale, without requiring self-custody or familiarity with Web3 interfaces.

High-impact digital carbon is already available via Carbonmark

High impact mangrove carbon credits by Mandrove DAO on Carbonmark.

Sergey Ivliev, founder and Co-CEO of Vlinder, shared a project developer's perspective on Carbonmark, bringing to light how Carbonmark's open marketplace enables the easy listing of digital carbon, even if these credits exist outside the carbon pools that currently make up the majority of the Digital Carbon Market. As an example, Sergey shared the Afforestation, Reforestation, and Revegetation project listed on Carbonmark in collaboration with Mangrove DAO.

The project is just one of the hundreds of projects that are available on Carbonmark's marketplace to buy or retire right now. It involves the planting of millions of mangrove trees to establish a sustainably managed ecosystem for carbon sequestration, natural disaster risk reduction, and poverty reduction through the development of sustainable livelihoods for Myanmar's coastal communities.

Carbonmark is the gateway to the Digital Carbon Market

Screenshot of the Carbonmark user interface.

Liam Ellul, Head of Solutions at Carbonmark, walked session participants through some of the features of the Carbonmark platform in a live demo. Carbonmark allows users to quickly find the exact carbon credits they would like to purchase or retire – this was demonstrated using the Reforestation And Restoration Of Degraded Mangrove Lands project in Myanmar, a blue carbon project that was recently listed by Vlinder and Mangrove DAO. A highlight of the presentation was the demonstration of the availability of telemetric data for each carbon credit, which includes project descriptions, listing details, total retirements, remaining supply, and recent activity.


Whether you have extensively explored the Carbonmark platform or are just getting started, watching the Q&A segment from the webinar recording is an excellent way to gain more insight into how to fully utilize our platform's features. Our engaged audience had the opportunity to ask our experts about their most pressing questions and concerns, and the answers provide valuable information and tips that will help improve your experience in the digital carbon market.

Summing up the ON SET Series

ON SET #1 focused on the fundamentals and the groundwork that has been laid since the inception of digital carbon in late 2021. It highlighted how KlimaDAO and its partners have created advanced infrastructure for digital carbon credits, as well as the advantages enabled by this technology for traders, builders, organizations, and even individual users.

ON SET #2 offered its attendees a deep dive into real-world use cases. KlimaDAO team members and three guest speakers presented case studies to highlight how organizations can leverage digital carbon today with little friction. This was also the first time Carbonmark was introduced as the world’s largest marketplace for digital carbon credits.

ON SET #3 moved the spotlight onto Carbonmark as a marketplace to connect supply and demand easier than ever before. A live demonstration guided the attendees through the user experience of trading and offsetting digital carbon credits, with partners bringing high-impact credits onto the marketplace even outside of established liquidity pools. Additionally, Circle’s custody solution will soon allow institutional users to interact with Carbonmark easily even if they do not feel comfortable with the current Web3 user experience yet.

We would like to thank all partners and contributors–whether visible on screen or working behind the scenes–who allowed the ON SET series of webinars to come to life.

An additional thank you goes out to the attendees of these events who did not hesitate to ask so many questions that it was impossible to answer them all live. Seeing such strong interest in digital carbon is a great motivator to keep building, shaping, and improving the Digital Carbon Market.

KlimaDAO will continue to release content and produce educational sessions with the aim of increasing accessibility to the DCM. For future webinars, be sure to follow KlimaDAO on Eventbrite.

If you have any questions about the webinar series, KlimaDAO, or Carbonmark, please feel free reach out to any of the following:

  • Liam Ellul, Head of Solutions |

  • Andrew Bonneau, Head of Strategic Partnerships |

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