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DOVU x KlimaDAO: calculate and offset your Web3 carbon footprint

Lead image announcing the partnership of KlimaDAO and DOVU

KlimaDAO has recently partnered with DOVU, a U.K.-based organization that incentivizes carbon sequestration by rewarding sustainable farming practices. As a Klima Infinity analytics partner, DOVU is providing access to its carbon footprint calculator so individuals can instantly measure and offset the impact of their web3 activity through Klima Infinity.

Who is DOVU?

DOVU enables organizations to offset their footprint with carbon sourced directly from sustainable farms.

Working with third-party carbon accounting firms and auditors, DOVU verifies soil-based carbon offsets and brings them on chain to their marketplace powered by the Hedera proof-of-stake public network. This transparent audit trail is the backbone of DOVU’s business.

DOVU launched its carbon marketplace in December 2021 with a small amount of carbon sourced directly from small farms in the U.K. and Bulgaria. Now that the DOVU team has successfully developed their audit process, they are pursuing a goal of bringing 300,000 tonnes of verified carbon on chain this year.

The first step to offsetting your web3 footprint

To use the DOVU calculator, visit and connect your Metamask wallet. Make sure you are on Ethereum Mainnet. The calculator reviews the wallet’s transactions and gas fees and tallies the emission factors accordingly. The output is a value for the carbon footprint of that wallet, measured in CO2e.

Infographic showcasing how DOVU helps sequester carbon emissions

CO2e is the standard unit of measurement for a carbon footprint, and it stands for “carbon dioxide equivalent.” One CO2e represents one tonne of carbon dioxide. It is also used as a unit of measure for other harmful greenhouse gases. For example, one CO2e is also used to express the amount of methane emissions with an equal impact to the atmosphere as one tonne of CO2. This allows for a simple, single measurement strategy for different emissions in a given footprint.

Currently the DOVU calculator is compatible only with MetaMask wallets. If you do not use MetaMask, visit where you can enter any Ethereum address to calculate its carbon footprint. ( is a calculator run by Offsetra, another Klima Infinity analytics partner.)

In the coming weeks, the self-serve Klima Infinity interface will be launched, and you’ll be able to enter this CO2e value to offset your footprint.

Future collaboration

This is just the beginning of a continued partnership between DOVU and KlimaDAO, and there will be many opportunities in the future to support one another as we pursue our common goal of defeating climate change.

“The voluntary carbon offset market cannot be viewed through a ‘winner takes all’ lens,” said Irfon Watkins, CEO and co-founder of DOVU. “We’re involved with Klima Infinity because we believe that collaboration between ReFi DAOs and projects is essential – and our two missions are in sync.”

If you are interested in getting involved with KlimaDAO, join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter.


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