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Klima Infinity: to carbon neutral and beyond

Lead image of the Klima Infinity logo

Klima Infinity is a phased roll out of tools enabling corporations and individuals to source, retire, and hold custody over carbon credits natively on the blockchain, transparently and efficiently, and showcase their positive climate impact.

Organizations and individuals can go beyond carbon neutral: not only can they offset their current and historic carbon emissions, they can be a participant of the Web3 carbon ecosystem and help catalyze finance into high-impact sustainability projects globally.

This approach means that a single upfront investment today can enable Klima Infinity users to execute on their carbon commitments now and far into the future.

Together with our launch partners, we are excited to share our vision and roadmap for what we believe will lead to a sea-change in the global fight against climate change.

The Klima Infinity vision

KlimaDAO’s vision is to create a future where the cost of carbon to the climate is embedded into our economic system, through the creation and governance of a carbon-backed currency that aligns incentives between all parties involved, including civil society, and organizations.

This vision is reflected in Klima Infinity, which aims to help realize this future by providing the simplest, most efficient way for actors to be active participants in the emerging Regenerative Finance (ReFi) ecosystem.

Infographic of the various advantages offered by Klima Infinity

Climate change is the number one issue facing the world, and tackling it requires a vibrant global Voluntary Carbon Market. The global carbon market is ideally suited to grow on Polygon's robust yet energy efficient blockchain. Permissionless and immutable transactions instill confidence while KlimaDAO's deep pools of carbon tokens lay the foundation for the carbon market to integrate with Web3. Through Klima Infinity, we are enabling coordination and action across borders, and across societies, in order to accelerate the delivery of climate finance.

While we recognize that shifting the trajectory of climate change will require systemic change across all aspects of society, we believe Klima Infinity holds massive potential in accelerating the development of a transparent and efficient climate finance market – dramatically increasing access and ultimately the positive impact that these carbon project solutions have on the planet.

Klima Infinity aims to enable organizations and individuals to:

  • Become carbon neutral: via a simple interface and experience to offset their carbon footprint;

  • Become climate positive: by acting as a perpetual carbon offset accumulator, enabling them to go beyond carbon neutrality;

  • Signal their positive actions to the rest of the world: by providing a public dashboard, and using immutable blockchain-based proofs to create transparency around climate-positive actions; and

  • Participate in KlimaDAO’s growth and governance: all holders of KLIMA can participate in KlimaDAO’s governance processes and be an active stakeholder in the ReFi ecosystem.

As more users onboard with Klima Infinity, the KlimaDAO ecosystem will grow in utility and in visibility, giving more value to tokenized carbon credits and more deeply integrating the cost of carbon within the global economy.

In this way, we envision Klima Infinity as the hinge that opens the floodgates to the on-chain Voluntary Carbon Market. Modeling by the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Market suggests that a 15-fold scale-up of voluntary carbon offsetting in 2030 versus 2019 is required to deliver the 1.5°C Net Zero pathway – in other words, we need a vibrant Voluntary Carbon Market, lest we risk the escalation of CO2 emissions beyond an irreversible tipping point. We have launched Klima Infinity with this urgent need in mind.

Klima Infinity launch

Klima Infinity is an opt-in incentive program and suite of tools to help organizations become progressively climate positive by leveraging Web3 tokenized carbon assets and offsetting.

Infographic on how to particiate in Klima Infinity

Klima Infinity users following the Climate Positive approach gain a number of benefits through the staking of KLIMA:

  • Granting the right to participate in KlimaDAO governance, including decision making around treasury asset composition and partnership initiatives.

  • KlimaDAO aligns itself with the Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets and is working to catalyze a robust and efficient on-chain carbon market.

  • Holding Klima helps accelerate the delivery of finance to sustainability projects globally by driving adoption.

  • The Web3 carbon market is set to benefit from the tightening of carbon emissions regulations worldwide.

At launch, Klima Infinity will represent KlimaDAO’s first product targeted to help organizations easily source, custody, and retire carbon tokens as part of their Climate Positive pledge. Klima Infinity will provide the tools and resources that organizations need to make a pledge, calculate a carbon footprint, and securely manage tokenized carbon toward that pledge.

The next addition to Klima Infinity will be the Climate Pledge Dashboard, which will provide a home for an organization’s Climate Positive pledge. The dashboard will contain all of the important details of an organization's pledge versus its total carbon assets over time.

We expect the dashboard features to grow to include connected carbon calculators, multi-asset retirement, modeling, and an onboarding wizard to make it even easier for organizations of all sizes to become climate positive.

A screenshot of the Klima Infinity pledge dashboard
The Klima Infinity Dashboard, which will provide a home for an organization’s Climate Positive pledge

The Klima Infinity roadmap

We will continue to iterate, improve, and develop new features that will increase the functionality and capacity of Klima Infinity.

Developments to go live over the course of 2022 include:

Q1 2022

  • Klima Infinity launch phase

  • Resources for calculating a carbon footprint

  • Sourcing of tokenized carbon

  • Interface to retire tokenized carbon

  • Single wallet analytics for KLIMA

  • Learning resources and preferred partners for organizations

Q2 2022

  • Climate Pledge Dashboard

  • Link multiple wallets to a single pledge

  • Track total KLIMA, tokenized carbon, and NFTs vs. total carbon footprint over time

  • Drill-down on retirements to the specific project, methodology, and vintage stored on-chain

  • Demonstrate clear pledge alignment

Our partners

We are privileged to be working with some of the world’s most progressive organizations in launching Klima Infinity. These are all forward-looking organizations that chose to use Klima Infinity for their Climate Positive pledge and we’re encouraged by their leadership within their respective fields.

Our vision is to align incentives – across borders and divides. Together, by leveraging Web3 we’ll build a better, more open, and truly transparent carbon market that will allow any organization, person, or entity to offset its carbon footprint.

An overview of the Klima Infinity partners

Among our launch partners, we count Digital Charity Art,, ETC Group, Offsetra, and Thought for Food.

For us, backing our NFTs with Klima enhances our NFT value proposition and provides us with an amazing platform to reach out to a large philanthropically minded audience.
We’re involved with Klima Infinity because we believe that collaboration between ReFi DAOs and projects is essential – and our two missions are in sync. The voluntary carbon offset market cannot be viewed through a ‘winner takes all’ lens; climate change is not going to be overcome using a dated capitalist mentality.
ETC Group are excited to be part of the KlimaDAO revolution. Moving carbon credits on-chain makes perfect sense for the market and for a company like ours who focus on digital assets.
We believe the future Voluntary Carbon Market will run on DeFi infrastructure and see Klima as the critical force driving this development forward. There are tremendous gains to be made in market access and efficiency as this space matures and we want to be a part of it.
We are excited to partner with Klima Infinity so that we can together explore the opportunities and applications of Regenerative Finance to transform the food and agricultural sector - a sector that is responsible for 1/3 of all GHG emissions.

In addition, we’re also excited to share that our Klima Infinity flagship partner will be announcing their pledge on February 23rd. We will be revealing their identity in the press next week, so watch this space!

Join Klima Infinity today

We believe Klima Infinity holds massive potential in accelerating the development of a transparent and efficient climate finance market. Further, an efficient Voluntary Carbon Market is a key tool in the global journey toward – and beyond – carbon neutrality.

We are actively looking to engage organizations that share our vision, and who want to play a vital part in mitigating the risk of climate change.

Ready to get started with your Climate Positive pledge? Reach out to our Partnership team via this form and you'll be making and upholding your pledge in no time.

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