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Show your climate impact with the Klima Infinity PoCO badge

Aurora borealis above a mountain ridge.

Today, KlimaDAO is excited to announce our new Klima Infinity Proof of Carbon Offset (PoCO) program. Klima Infinity customers and partners can now simply and easily showcase how they are taking responsibility for their climate impact with a highly recognizable, elegant badge. Share your love for our planet with your clients, customers, and business partners—making the underlying proof accessible to all in an open, transparent way.

This is the world’s first badge of its kind, which links your customers and users to the data that proves the actions you have taken to support climate projects. Built on KlimaDAO’s powerful suite of tools, PoCO will let others quickly view your journey toward carbon neutrality or, beyond that, to climate positivity.

The three PoCO badges in a side by side comparison.
The three PoCO badges. Placed on your website or in your app, users can click through to verify your carbon offset history, and your Climate Pledge.

We’re proud to be launching PoCO with dozens of partners, such as OlympusDAO, LandX, Etherspot, Timeswap, and many others.

Animated GIF of partners being eligible for a PoCO badge.

What PoCO does for your organization

One of the key pillars of blockchain technology is not to trust, but to verify. It is this level of accountability that we need in order to successfully coordinate climate action for the benefit of our planet. PoCO badges connect directly to a Web3 dataset that can verifiably demonstrate your past actions, and future commitment to taking action on climate change.

This can empower your organization to:

  • Stand out from the competition by signaling your sustainability. Organizations that implement PoCO badges engage in meaningful, responsible actions to offset the environmental impact of their operations. This is a unique way of setting yourself apart from others.

  • Take a first step toward organizational behavior change. Your PoCO badge can be your first step toward broader emissions-reducing behavior change throughout your organization. Businesses operating in an ESG-conscious way cut down on costs and emissions by engaging in fewer travel activities, reducing energy consumption, and supporting more climate-friendly remote working.

  • Benefit from future developments in the KlimaDAO ecosystem. The PoCO badge is tightly integrated into the Klima Infinity suite. Additional functionality is being developed that will enable you to showcase your climate impact, automate your actions, and more.

Six advantages for organizations enabled by PoCO badges.

Consumers and business users are increasingly demanding climate leadership from brands:

  • 80% of customers in the US consider sustainability when making a purchasing decision (see here);

  • 75% of Gen Z is demanding brands adapt to their sustainability needs (see here); and

  • 90% of company executives believe sustainability is important (see here).

When you join Klima Infinity and adopt the PoCO badge, your organization moves ahead of the curve and adopts a proactive approach to sustainability.

Starbucks and Meta have adopted Web3 following this rationale – they chose to build on the Polygon network because of its sustainable infrastructure and the network’s carbon neutrality via Klima Infinity. Your PoCO badge equally sends a strong signal to your stakeholders: not only are you a climate-conscious organization—a key reason cited by those two corporations for choosing carbon-neutral Polygon—but you are also forward thinking in recognizing the advantages that the crypto space brings in terms of transparency and decentralization.

The three types of PoCO badge

Depending on your usage of Klima Infinity, you can display one or more of the three different PoCO badges:

Carbon Neutral: Businesses, events, and organizations that offset their total carbon footprint get access to the Carbon Neutral badge. This acts as proof that your operation is conscious of its effects on the environment and takes active measures to improve on this impact.

Carbon Neutral PoCO badge.

Climate Positive: Businesses, events, and organizations that offset more carbon than they emit receive the Climate Positive badge. Not only is your operation carbon neutral but it has gone above and beyond and is actively supplying carbon projects with additional funding.

Climate Positive PoCO badge.

Climate Partner: This badge can be claimed by organizations that integrate KlimaDAO’s suite of tools into their core services. Examples include LI.FI and Etherspot, which enable cross-chain carbon offsetting, and Sushi, which has announced it will offer opt-in access to integrated carbon offsetting for every DEX transaction.

Climate Partner PoCO badge.

Projects on Polygon: PoCO with a headstart on carbon neutrality

In June 2022, Polygon joined Klima Infinity to offset the entire historic carbon footprint of its network. Polygon is an energy-efficient blockchain, and by offsetting the network’s residual emissions Polygon achieved carbon neutral status. If you are one of the over 37,000 dApps on Polygon—ranging from small passion projects to large-scale organizations like Disney’s accelerator programyou inherit a headstart in your path to sustainability.

We invite you to get in touch to claim your Carbon Neutral PoCO badge and to explore how you can go to the next level, and achieve Climate Positivity, by joining Klima Infinity. Reach out to us here.

Get started

Ready to claim your badge and show it off to the world? We’ve made it simple to showcase your commitment to the health of our planet, with three easy pathways:

  • I’m not part of Klima Infinity yet: Join the Klima Infinity program. In three steps you can calculate your organization’s carbon footprint, offset it instantly without high intermediary fees, and amplify your message using tools such as the Pledge Dashboard and PoCO badges. Start here.

  • I’m already part of Klima Infinity: Get in touch with the Klima Infinity partnerships team via this form to receive your Carbon Neutral or Climate Positive PoCO badge.

  • I’m not part of Klima Infinity yet, but I run a project on Polygon: Since Polygon has offset its historic footprint already, you are automatically eligible for a Carbon Neutral PoCO badge—although Klima Infinity also allows you to go beyond carbon neutrality and become Climate Positive. Please use this form to get in contact with us.

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