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KlimaDAO Status Update: December

The KlimaDAO logo on a background of ocean waves shot from below

KlimaDAO’s thesis is that the power of Web3 and the design of powerful market incentives can quickly and radically move the dial on climate action. Read November’s Status Update here.

Ocean Drop

This month, KlimaDAO collaborated with Open Earth Foundation and NFT artist Sven Eberwein to raise funds for the Ocean Drop.

OceanDrop will raise funds to support the research and deployment of blockchain based and digital solutions for improved management and protection of the world’s oceans. This drop will be carbon offset with 500 CO2 carbon tons.

KlimaDAO core team members will also donate 500 BCTs to offset the drop.

Sven, with the support of KlimaDAO created KLIMADAO x SVN / 2021. The work is functioning as a black hole for 1 staked $KLIMA token. This token is irreversibly fused into the artworks smart contract. The token is impossible to unstake / redeem and will, as long KlimaDAO exists, express an economic interest and stake in the DAO and therefore the broader carbon market. At launch the work owned 4.14T of CO2 offset. This website is tracking its growth.

A screenshot of CO2_COMPOUND as an NFT
KLIMADAO x SVN sold for 7.5 ETH, with the raised funds being donated to the Ocean Drop.

KlimaDAO in the media

KlimaDAO’s progress continues to be picked up by leading carbon market news outlet Carbon Pulse, as the traditional carbon markets sit-up and take notice of the growth of the on-chain carbon ecosystem.

“There is a vast array of carbon market ideas brewing in the crypto space, but given the immediate and huge impact of Klima DAO, its business model has been the object of most of the analysis done so far.”

Carbon Pulse has published 5 articles about KlimaDAO since launch, and include its metrics in a number of their wider analyses of the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).

KlimaDAO’s impact is also being covered in analytics from other VCM players.

Macquarie, the world’s largest infrastructure asset manager covered KLIMA in their Commodities Content distributed by the Sales and Trading Global Macro Strategy Department: “crypto coins lift the bottom of the [voluntary carbon] market”. Macquarie characterises KLIMA as having a “dramatic effect” on the market and being a key driver of demand and a new route for those who are willing to get exposure to the voluntary offset market.

Charts representing KlimaDAO's and Verra's activity
KlimaDAO analytics included in Macquarie’s Commodities Content.

KlimaDAO carbon analytics

KlimaDAO launched alongside the Toucan Protocol, which enables retired carbon credits to flow onto the blockchain and be transformed into BCT in response to the incentive mechanisms created by the protocol. In total, there are over 14.2 million BCTs on-chain.

Just over 11.8 million BCTs are locked in the KlimaDAO treasury. This is more than the equivalent annual emissions of Panama. An increase of 30% locked carbon since last month.

Around 83% of on-chain carbon tonnes are now locked in the KlimaDAO treasury. The USD equivalent of the locked carbon is $136,000,000 (BCT = $6.29).

A Dune chart showing the amount of carbon in KlimaDAO's treasury
Nearly 12,000,000 BCTs are locked in KlimaDAO’s treasury

Klimate analytics

The dominant strategy to get exposure to KlimaDAO’s growth is to bond BCT or LPs with the treasury to secure discounted KLIMA, and then stake KLIMA to get exposed to protocol growth (3, 3).

A higher percentage of staked KLIMA translates to more stable protocol growth and a wider distribution of sKLIMA rewards to Klimates. The amount of KLIMA unstaked/not used for LP has remained below 1% throughout November.

The number of KLIMA holders has grown from 35,000 to 57,000 (+60%) in the past month.

A Dune chart showing the amount of KLIMA holders over time
There are over 57,000 KLIMA holders

If you are interested in learning more about how KlimaDAO can enable coordination and financial activism to tackle climate change, join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter. Visit KlimaDAO’s Dune Analytics page for an overview of key metrics.


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