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SVN x KlimaDAO

Sven Eberwein (b. 1992, Stuttgart, Germany), based in Los Angeles. “Works of the internet, by the internet, for the internet”.

Growing up with computers, software & Counter-Strike, Sven was exposed to the early crypto ecosystem during its first real growth period. He fell in love with it immediately and has stayed engaged ever since. The key to Sven’s work and his primary motivation is the realisation that we shape the digital ecosystems & communities in which we live.

In a KnownOrigin Interview, Sven was asked about his art fulfilling a purpose. He answered

“I do not really think that the art itself is fulfilling a purpose. I do think that the chain of thought it might trigger is the purpose. Giving suggestions and experimenting with this new crypto "value" medium is my core aspiration with digital art.”

Triggering a chain of thought is precisely what happened in November 2020 when M Carbon Dioxide was minted in partnership with Offsetra. The first carbon negative NFT represented 1000 tonnes of carbon offset through the Bull Run forest protection project in Belize and the Cerro de Hula wind energy project in Honduras.

More recently, Sven has released Scare Resources #01 — One Second of Petroleum (2021) on Foundation, which aims to reverse one second of global petroleum emissions. The NFT utilizes the money from its sale to purchase an appropriate amount of carbon offsets to counteract 1,124 barrels of oil (the amount burned every second).

Late 2020 proved to be a watershed moment for the NFT community.

With the publishing of art like M Carbon Dioxide and the release of web-based calculators for determining the estimated emissions of blockchain activity, including NFT minting, the art sphere lit up with dialogue centered on the environmental impact of our crypto activity.

Fast forwarding to the present moment, KlimaDAO finds itself in the fortunate position to be partnering with such a visionary like Sven in bringing forth the NFTs for our supporters. In Sven’s words:

“The journey to a carbon neutral society begins today with free market infrastructure and financial activism.”

We are proud to present the following NFTs to our early supporters.

A picture of the  NFT "KLIMA x SVN: M Carbon Horizon"
KLIMA x SVN: M Carbon Horizon

A picture of the NFT "KLIMA x SVN: D Carbon Horizon"
KLIMA x SVN: D Carbon Horizon

The NFTs are based on the following NASA image, Blue Marble: Clouds. Note that the NFTs are animated when viewed on a site like OpenSea.

The crypto community now stands ready for yet another watershed moment as we reflect on the environmental impact of our society. Concurrently, we recognize the enormous potential of decentralized finance in democratizing access to banking, increasing the transparency of financial markets, and providing unparalleled interoperability across financial tools and infrastructure. KlimaDAO, a decentralized organization formed by members of leading projects working at the interface between carbon markets and decentralized finance.

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